Saturday, January 13, 2018

Zero Waste Tea- Because who wants to drink tea with plastic?

I used to be a Yorkshire Tea girl. That is until I found out that it has plastic in it. This is not unique to just this brand but most commercially available teas (even those which are marketed as healthy!). How can you have plastic in a tea bag you may ask? Surely, it is just a paper tea bag? I thought that the humble tea bag was safe from the plastic invasion but I was wrong. Polypropylene which is plastic is actually used to seal some of the tea bags at the seams. So that means that you drink a little bit of plastic every time you sit down for a cup of tea- which for me is about 8 times a day.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

7 Reasons why you should start climbing this year

I discovered climbing nearly three years ago. Just before I started, I had this urge and a feeling to climb which I never had before. In fact, I used to be quite scared of the idea of climbing!  By this point, I have done quite a bit of cycle touring and hiking but I was new to the feeling of being off the ground during my adventures. Then something shifted and suddenly, when I walked in the Peak District, instead of looking ahead along the path, I started looking up towards the Edges at all the climbers, feeling the inexplicable urge to try it. I now know that what I experienced is quite a common thing amongst climbers- it is called the climbing psyche! 


Saturday, January 6, 2018

How to buy Fruit and Vegetables Zero Waste

I thought it would be quite fitting to kick off the new year's Zero Waste posts with shopping for fruit and vegetables. Whether your new year resolution is to get healthier or not, chances are that you could do with some fruit and veg after the Christmas shenanigans! Fruit and Veg now contains a large part of my weekly shop and so I make sure that I buy it package free as otherwise, it would contribute to quite a lot of unrecyclable trash.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Minimalism- Buy Less, Live More

I am not sure what came first for me, Minimalism or Zero Waste. I think I was in a point of my life a few years ago when I started to feel that stuff don’t make me happy. I had accumulated a lot of things. I wouldn’t say that I was a hoarder or I had a lot more stuff than your average student but at one point it started to feel like a lot.  Books that I only read once (or never), clothes that I never wore and unfinished sewing and craft projects were stored in every nook and cranny. My flat was overflowing and always messy and I never felt inspired looking at my to brim filled cupboards.  It felt pretty suffocating.


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Furoshiki- Zero Waste Gift Wrap

I have been wanting to do this little DIY for a while. I am not quite sure why I have not got round to doing this sooner as this is one of the easiest and most satisfying projects that I have done. Introducing Furoshiki, also known as Japanese Gift Wrap. Furoshiki is a century old technique which originated in Japan. It is used for transporting gifts, lunches and other items. Think of it as origami, but for fabric, creating beautiful gift wraps or useful bags out of a single piece of cloth.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Flying Zero Waste


I love slow journeys.  By bike is my favourite, closely followed by train travel, depending of course on the distance. But sometimes it is just a lot more practical to fly. I often get asked about it. Flying has a huge environmental impact, there is no question about that. I think when it comes to Zero Waste and environmental footprint, you should start changing things which are (relatively) easy to start with. Buying package free, swapping a plastic bag for a tote bag and bringing reusable mug instead of your usual paper cup is a good place to start. Tackle one thing at the time. Flying home to see your family doesn’t fall into the category of easy choices. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

How to Enjoy Christmas Markets Zero Waste

Christmas markets hit every major city in Europe at the end of November. Some are authentic and some are not so much, depending which country you live in. We have been lucky this year to briefly visit the Christmas markets in Budapest. I am not interested in any other stalls apart from the food stalls as it is a good opportunity to sample some local produce. Think roast duck with red cabbage, potatoes with roast pork through it, smoked salmon and some mulled wine to wash it all down with. You really can’t go wrong there!